Powerful and easy to use Self-hosted website builder

Start your own business providing website builder to your customers or use it as a private development tool for your clients projects.

Create your own website building service

Script comes with complete solution for creating and publishing websites on multiple servers with ability to connect domains and manage mailboxes. It also comes with customizable paid plans.

  • Easy to use and feature rich website builder
  • Multilingual interface
  • Connect multiple servers
  • Build your own templates and sections using builder
  • Create front pages using builder (just like this one was)
  • Configure payment plans and receive payments from your clients
  • Manage sites, users, packages and templates from your dashboard

Website builder

Builder gives a lot of freedom to change design and content while being intuitive and easy to use.

Quick and easy website creation

Builder is integrated with multiple ready to use templates and sections (number of available templates is currently small but more will be added in future updates, you can also add your own designs). Users can import pages and sections from the entire library directly into their site. There is also tool for changing fonts and colors globally to quickly match styling of imported components. That ensures quick and easy process of creating unique websites.

Import templates and sections

Global design change

Item design change

Page build with unique design

Builder allows to create unique pages from scratch but using premade sections and adjusting them can bring quick and satisfying results. Tools like global design change and option to copy and paste style from one element to another makes this process simple and fast.

Useful features

Global sections

Globals are sections that can be placed on multiple pages with ability to change them from one place. It's helpful for elements like header or footer.

Responsive styling

Users can use all styling tools to change styling independently in four screen size ranges. Styling changes in larger screens will become defaults in smaller ones.

Save as draft

This feature allow to save entire website without publishing changes. This way users can easily save progress of their work at any point.

Admin dashboard

Analyze statistics of your business, add, delete and edit templates and sections, manage packages, users and sites directly from your dashboard.

Script requirements

  • PHP version 7.3 or newer
  • MySQL version 5.1 or newer
  • Server or shared hosting with reseller level access to cPanel or DirectAdmin and API access enabled

Pricing Plans

* Number of published sites is limited to the number specified in package details. After reaching limit it will be impossible to add new project or to publish more sites without upgrading package or removing some of published websites. Published website is a website that have configured domain.

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