Version 1.03 released!

Version 1.03 released!

New version has a lot of useful features and improvements, most important ones are listed below.

Demo user

Users can now login as demo with one click, demo websites are auto deleted after x hours. Demo user can only see his own websites.

Hosting provider mode

In this mode, users can login to builder using DirectAdmin/Cpanel credentials and publish website by selecting domain.

New templates

There are three new templates added with music theme.

Export entire website

Users can now export entire website and upload it anywhere. Option can be limited to user roles or packages.

Export sections

Users can export code from individual sections and use it on any outside website. Option can be limited to user roles or packages.

New dashboard theme

Dashboard has now more modern theme and new help page.

New payment page

There is now more modern payment page with monthly and annual billing packages.

Package change

Users can now change any package on their own, you can choose to automated or manual package change and allow it on certain packages.

Custom package properties

You can now add your own features to packages.

Updated CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter framework has been updated to newest version.

Versioning system

There is a versioning system added to js and css resources, it will force refresh browser cache if you modify that file.

Improvements for developers

You can now extend or modify builder in the easier way. More details can be found on the learn page in developer section.

Package extending privileges

Grant extra privileges to packages of your choosing, enable site export or any other privileges.

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