Version 1.03 released!

Website builder for hosting providers

Easy integration

Simply install builder as a separate service and specify the servers from which clients can use it. See Integration details

Easy to use

Your existing customers will be able to log into the builder without having to create a new account. Publishing the site will only require them to select the domain they want to use.

White label

Our creator is 100% white labeled so you can use your own branding. You can also customize it to be consistent with your brand.

Full control

All software code will be hosted on your own server, so you will have full control over the system and data. You can use it as a free add-on to your main service or create paid packages and earn additional revenue.

Would you like to test it?

We can set up a demo so you can log in as your own client and see how it works.

Builder features

For Designers & Agencies

The price for the builder starts from just 60 Euros!

How can we assist you?

We can set up and configure the builder according to your needs, you will be able to host the builder under your own brand and on your own server.

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