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Hosting provider integration

In order to assign your servers to the builder, all you need to do is provide some basic data in the configuration, example below.

    'port'=>'2083', // Cpanel port
    'ip'=>'server ip',
... //next optional servers

Servers must be equipped with DirectAdmin or Cpanel (integration with other panels possible on individual request).

Your client who has an account on one of your servers will be able to log into the builder without registration. When logging into the builder it will try to log into client's account in Cpanel or DirectAdmin panel. Logging into the builder will fail if the given data is incorrect.

After logging in, the client will be able to create new websites. In the domain settings of a given website there will be a list of all domains assigned to the client's hosting account, the website will be published after selecting the domain and saving changes. The website files will be uploaded via client's ftp account.

Builder in this configuration does not allow you to manage email accounts and add domains not available on the client's hosting account, this functionality is available directly in the hosting administration panel.

It is possible to create paid packages in subscription model or as a free service.

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