Version 1.03 released!

Website builder features

Our builder can be a great tool for creating websites for your own needs. You will be able to easily create and manage multiple websites from one place.

Manage websites

View and manage all of your websites from one place, change package, connect domain, manage mailboxes.

Mobile friendly

Adjust your website to fit all screen sizes. Change colors, sizes, fonts, hide elements, all independently of other views.

Easy Editing

Change element content and appearance with ease. Navigate trough advanced and well organized tools.

Layout control

Make page look like you want it. Add, remove and resize columns, rearrange elements, change spacings and much more.

Predefined sections

Building process is much faster and easier with predefined designs. Just add designs of your choosing and customize it.

Global sections

Mark header and footer as global section. Add it to multiple pages, change in one place and it will change globally.

Media management

View and manage all your images in one place. Resize and crop images to your requirements directly in media manager.

Global design

Want to change color scheme or fonts on entire website? Just open design to change it all with few clicks.

Menu management

Create multiple menus, add internal pages and custom links. Sort, change, add nested links, create drop-downs.

Seo settings

Manage on-page tags, add title, description and keywords on each page, define alternate urls for multilingual websites.

Change history

Each change you've made is stored in history so you could undo or redo as back or forward as you wish.

Copy style

You don't have to change design of multiple similar elements manually. Just copy style and paste it to others.

For Designers & Agencies

SaaS business

The price for the builder starts from just 60 Euros!

How can we assist you?

We can set up and configure the builder according to your needs, you will be able to host the builder under your own brand and on your own server.

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