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How to use site editor.

Context menu

To open the context menu, right-click on any item on the page.

Edit - opens a side panel that allows you to edit the content and appearance of an element.

Move - allows moving an element to any place, also to other subpages. After clicking "Move", hover the cursor over the target location and click again at the location indicated by the green line.

Clone - this option will copy a given element with its style and insert it under the cloned element.

Copy style - copies the style of the current component.

Paste style - this option will apply previously copied style from the same type of element.

Delete - this option will delete the element.

Add column - this option will insert the additional column.

Save as Global - this option allows to insert the same sections on many pages. Changing the appearance or content of the global section will change it on all pages. Global elements can be managed in the "Globals" tab

Column resizing

To change the width of a column, hover over the right edge of the column and drag it left or right. You can also enable column editing and change its width in "Dimensions" tab.

Undo/redo changes

To undo or redo changes just click on arrows located on top bar.

Editing other pages

To open other subpage select it from list located on top bar on the left.

Save changes

To publish changes click "Publish" button located on the top bar on the right, you can also select "Save as draft" to save changes without publishing them on the site. To enable editing of a published page or draft, select a version from the list available in the top right hand bar.

Editing content

To edit the text of any element just click on it, a toolbar will appear allowing you to format the text, to change typography, spacing, etc. click on the gear icon.

To edit other elements, click on them, open the context menu by right-clicking, or by clicking on the icon of the element. When editing is enabled, the side panel on the left will appear. All contents, layout and styling can be changed there.

Adding elements

Click on the chosen element in the left side panel, hover the cursor over where you want to add it, then click again when you see a green line to insert the element in that place.

Responsive design

To customize the look of the site in other views than desktop click on the icon of the desired device on the top bar. After changing the view you can change width of columns and style of elements. You can also change views while editing an element to customize its appearance in other views. It's also possible to hide elements in selected views by going to "Style" and next to "viewport visibility". You can also preview hidden elements if you activate "Preview hidden" option.

Section and page templates

Besides the basic elements you can also add ready-made section and page templates. To do this, click on "Sections" or "Templates", select category, template or Page to filter designs, click on the desired design and click again on the desired place on the page to insert the selected design there.

Media manager

Media manager contains all graphics available on the page, user can delete and add new graphics, resize and crop them.


Add, change, clone and delete pages. Change page name, url, manage meta data.

Site settings

Manage favicon, site name and page titeling style.


This option allows you to quickly adjust colors and fonts throughout the site without having to manually change each element.

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