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Admin dashboard

The main page contains system information, update information, and site, user, and revenue statistics.


Edit, delete and disable templates for users and for builder. See how to manage templates.


Packets are assigned to sites, not users. Therefore, the user should select the appropriate package separately for each site he/she owns.

Manage packages, limit disk space allowed, decide if a package allows users to use subdomains, custom domains, choose number of possible mail accounts.

You can also limit the number of sites with a given package that a user can have, for example to limit the number of free websites.

Package pricing: You can define monthly cost for monthly and annual billing plans.


View, edit, add and delete users.

Login as user to perform any action as that user while keeping full admin privileges, logout to get back to admin dashboard.

Assign designer to any user. Learn about designer accounts.

You can also limit the functionality of admins, designers and users accounts and assign custom roles to specific users. Learn about account privileges.


View, delete, edit site, change package, status, expiration date.

You can also edit any website directly in builder just by clicking "Edit in builder".

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