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Editing and adding new templates

Templates are located in the administration panel in the "Templates" tab. You can delete, add new, edit and disable templates. To edit a template click "Edit".

After opening the editor you can edit the page contents and add multiple pages.

To change template name click on "Settings" and change "Site name". To change name of page template click on "Pages" and change name of that page.

To manage section templates go to "Section templates" page, all sections on this page will be exported as section templates. Section templates must be assigned to their category, to do this, right-click on the selected section, then edit and select the appropriate category in the "Category" tab.

Template thumbnails. are generated automatically after publishing the changes, after clicking "Publish" you will be asked "Update template thumbnails?", template thumbnails will be updated only if you click "OK". If you do not want to update the thumbnails at the moment, click "Cancel".

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